Pros and Cons of the Changing SAT test pattern

The changes to the SAT test have been a topic of debate, with arguments both for and against the modifications. Here’s a balanced view on the potential benefits and drawbacks of the evolving SAT:

Potential Benefits

Alignment with High School Curriculum:

  1. Relevance: The redesigned SAT is more aligned with the high school curriculum, focusing on skills and knowledge that students are actually learning in school. This makes the test more relevant and fairer.
  2. Practical Skills: Emphasis on practical skills, such as evidence-based reading and writing, better prepares students for college coursework and real-world tasks.


  1. Digital Format: The transition to a digital format can make the test more accessible and efficient, allowing for quicker results and adaptive testing that can better measure student abilities.
  2. Fee Waivers and Free Resources: Increased availability of free test prep resources, such as those provided by Khan Academy, helps level the playing field for students from different economic backgrounds.

Reduced Pressure:

  1. Shortened Test Length: A shorter test can reduce student fatigue and anxiety, potentially leading to a better demonstration of their abilities.
  2. More Opportunities: More frequent test dates provide students with additional opportunities to take the test when they feel most prepared.

Potential Drawbacks

Digital Divide:

  1. Access Issues: Students from low-income families or under-resourced schools may face challenges with access to reliable technology and internet, putting them at a disadvantage.
  2. Tech Proficiency: Variations in students’ comfort and proficiency with digital devices can impact performance.

Test Familiarity:

  1. Learning Curve: The new format and structure require students and educators to adapt to different types of questions and testing strategies, which can be initially challenging.
  2. Preparation Resources: Existing test prep materials may become outdated, necessitating new investments in preparation resources and training for educators.

Standardized Testing Critique:

  1. Equity Concerns: Despite changes, standardized tests have been criticized for not fully addressing inherent biases that can disadvantage certain groups of students.
  2. Test Optional Movement: With more colleges adopting test-optional policies, the relevance and necessity of the SAT are being questioned, potentially making extensive changes less impactful.


The changes to the SAT bring a mix of advantages and disadvantages. While aligning the test more closely with high school curricula and reducing test-related stress are positive steps, issues like the digital divide and the inherent limitations of standardized testing remain concerns. The impact of these changes will vary among different student populations, and ongoing evaluation and adjustment will be necessary to ensure the SAT remains a fair and useful tool for college admissions

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